Tuesday, October 16, 2007


About 7-ad?

An introvert and an extrovert. A left brainer and a right brainer. An occasional risk taker. 7-ad dreams of polka dots eating children all the time.

But most importantly, a dedicated artist/illustrator/designer wanna-be. She dreams a lot and sleeps a lot. When she’s not hanging out with her lovely friends, she’d be sitting in front of her buddeh, the amazing BenQ computer checking out art sites to feed her art cravings, replying emails, notes and messages or doodling in her little sketchbook. She also hangs out often with Ashley, her new cutting mat, because she cuts her stickers manually.

In case you’re wondering how much more “no-life” 7-ad can get, I’d say very much more. Because if anyone can ever catch her playing video games or the xbox or wii or ps or whatever asdfgh there is now, please do snap a picture and keep it til the day you die. Chances are, you’re never gonna see it twice. Oh, and same goes for shopping.

Music gets her art going. You have completely no idea how much it influences her life. Just know she has stopped listening to music at night while she sleeps after encountering the strangest and weirdest experience ever. When no one’s around she secretly pretends she’s calling someone on her mobile phone when actually she’s really just listening to songs from her favourite band, Angels and Airwaves. Of course nobody knows.When she’s doing art though, 7-ad listens to songs by Sarah McLachlan and Corrinne May because “it soothes the soul”.

Her hobbies apart from doing the same old art stuff would be cycling, skating, soccer-ing, playing rounders and her all time favourite game of marbles and coins. She hasn’t done most of them except for cycling in a very long time. (She’s cycles to the post office every Friday, not because she wants to but because she’s almost always late. She comes in when they’re turning over the sign at the door).

LASTLY, 7-ad thoroughly enjoys sticker trading. One reason for that is because she gets the cheap thrill of receiving letters from overseas and she thinks it’s fun to dig into the mailbox and see fancy envelopes all the way from America, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Poland and everywhere else around the globe.

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Flow is King said...

wassup audrey, thanks for taking the time visiting my oh_so_not_gonna_finish_it_soon blog, really appreciated it.

maybe someday we can do a lil sticker projekt together :)
altho im a bit curious bout this mobo thing, can u fill me with some pic of it?

thanks in advance

cheers from indo.