Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sticker making process

For many who’d like to know, here’s my sticker making process:

Before getting the stickers printed:

My stickers are mainly digital so what I do is come out with a design and arrange them in order so as to fill a full A3 canvas with my designs(I leave a border and never place my designs too near the edge of the canvas because the printer probably won't print that part out). I then arrange them in order to jam as much designs as I can in one A3 and it's also much easier when I cut the stickers at home.

After doing my designs in whatever programme, next thing I’d do is to save the image as a PDF file.Lastly, I get the files into my thumbdrive and they’re ready to be printed!

Where I print my stickers:

I actually print them wherever but most of the time I print them at a shop called ColorVizio (Sunshine Plaza).

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