Tuesday, October 16, 2007


About Mobo?

Mobo is a mushroom. And he’s proud of that fact. Don’t call him a fungus though because he’ll blow his top off. Literally.

Any mom would love to have Mobo as their own because he’s just the best kid in the world. He picks up after himself and he’s a good cook as well. Or at least he tries. You shouldn’t get him to serve the dishes though because you know what’ll happen.

When you’re sad or down, trust Mobo to be there for you. So maybe he doesn’t get it when you’re upset but he sure knows when you need him. He smells like apples and wet earth so it’s nice to hug him if you like his smell.

Mobo isn’t very good at sports because as anyone can see, he’s got short, stubby legs making it difficult to run or even walk. Thus the “don’t-get-him-to-serve-the-dishes” part.

Mobo loves humans and wishes for them to love him back.

7-ad hopes just as much.

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