Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Didn't get your stickers?

Why some of you guys didn’t receive my stickers even though you gave me your house address:

Two reasons:

-One would be that I’m clearly busy with my personal life and I might delay the sticker mailing but it doesn’t mean I forgot about it. I will still send it out eventually, within a month of seeing your request.

***What I urge you guys NOT to do is to email me and bug me for stickers when it’s only been one week or so after you requested for them. At least email me one month or so after your request because overseas mailing can take about 1-2 weeks.***

-Second reason would be that you guys left your house address on my TAGBOARD. For those who wish to get robbed by leaving your address there please let me know so I won’t delete your tags in future.I don’t take a second glance when I see addresses on my tagboard. I delete them instantly so that’s one reason why you received nothing from me. Would appreciate it A LOT if you guys mail me instead.

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