Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How Mobo came about

How did Mobo come about?

“Mobo” is a movement with one specific philosophy - Ugly is beautiful, simple is elaborate, ordinary is extraordinary.

He is an organic created in a form of a mushroom because 7ad used to think mushrooms were ugly and gross but didn’t realize it took some form of acquired taste. Mobo first appeared in 7ad’s life when she was 15yrs old. Coincidentally, it was the period when pieces in her life started to pick themselves up.

Basically, 7ad wasn’t born a very optimistic girl and she wasn’t always nice or sweet. She didn’t really find meaning in life until… (we’ll get to that part later) And when you’re none of the above, obviously you’re not living your life too well.

At 15 however, 7ad met Mobo in one of her sketchbooks. She didn’t really remember even drawing him, not surprising since 7ad was probably never sober between the age of 13 and 14.Among tens of creatures and characters 7ad drew in school, what really caught her eye was Mobo, which she named Frosty for whatever reason before deciding to change it to Mobo.

After much of trying to figure out why God decided to put Mobo in 7ad’s life, she finally got it. I’d say 7ad isn’t a very bright girl but anyway it was only then that she started to realize how cute mushrooms can be if you really looked at it.

From there, it wasn’t just mushrooms that she changed her perspective of, but life.

Hopefully her message can one day change any negativity of people’s thoughts on the beauty of things in life.